Before I Wake-Kathryn Smith

Before I Wake

Kathryn Smith

Avon, Aug 2008, $6.99

ISBN: 9780061340277


In New York, psychologist Dr. Dawn Riley is the top authority on dreams interpretation at the Sleep Center where she works.  She knows that her incredible skill is because of her “Nightmare” DNA as she is a chip off the old male block.  Her father is Morpheus, the King of Dreams; her mother met him while she slept and they hit if off, literally.  To be with him in his only realm of existence, the land of dreams, her mom buried herself in a coma rather than raise her daughter.  Her dad warned her not to visit all of the “Dreaming” places because her Uncle Icelus irresponsibly, in the name of freedom, allowed some of his creations to wander freely; his sector is disturbing and is populated with frightening monsters; thus Dawn always stayed at her father’s castle when visiting his realm.


For the first since Dawn was born, she is attracted to a man Noah Clarke who is a subject in a study she is doing.  He feels the same way with his instant attraction to her.   However, being half mortal has its negative side as the nasty Karatos stalks Dawn and Noah while they sleep.  She is an expendable pawn in his plan to take over the Dream realm.


The key the well written first paranormal Nightmare Chronicles is the Dream Realm seems real as a place where nightmares literally can leave visitors dead.  The romantic urban fantasy story line is fast-paced from the onset and never slows down once Karatos begins his assault on his turf on the lead couple.  Fans will enjoy Kathryn Smith’s eerie tale with the consequence of trying not to go into a deep dreaming sleep.


Harriet Klausner

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