Drive Me Wild- P.J. Mellor

Drive Me Wild

P.J. Mellor

Kensington Aphrodisia, Jan 2009, $13.95

ISBN: 9780758220240


“Double Trouble”.  Ryan Wright is tired of bailing out his twin brother Braeden by switching places, but agrees one last time.  He is thankful because the woman next door is perfect for Ryan except to his chagrin he is Braeden for now.


“Double the Pleasure”.  Twins Megan and Suzanne Hartley attend their high school reunion with plans for sex with no attachments.  However, Megan knows she can no longer adhere to the “no attachment” pact once she sees her high school crush Jake Stanton


“Double the Fun”.  Megan’s sister Suzanne is spending a weekend at her friend’s beach house when she meets Braeden Wright.  Her interests change immediately from being alone to being a duet.


These three interrelated erotic contemporary romances are lighthearted yet heated fun that follows the sexual escapades of twins on the prowl.



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