Veiled Freedom-J.M. Windle

Veiled Freedom

J.M. Windle

Tyndale, Jun 2009, $13.99

ISBN 9781414314754

New Hope relief worker Amy Mallory has looked forward to being assigned to Kabul since she first began her vocation as she believes she can help the impoverish populace. However, her fantasy and reality are not even close; as a woman, even a western female, and a Christian are so restricted she can do very little. Amy hires Jamil as her interpreter as she tries to help women released from prison start over.

Condor Security’s Steve Wilson heads personal security for the country’s Minister of the Interior Khalid Sayef though he vowed never to return to the war scarred nation where his worst nightmare occurred. Amy and Steve meet because his employer is the one Afghan leader willing to risk his life pushing a reform agenda.

This is an exciting relevant character study that through the three prime players enables the audience to have a better understanding of Afghanistan. The most intriguing aspect of the tale is the profound look at the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad. Although “government speak” acronyms abound (ironically starting with the author’s name) slowing the pace as the reader will stop to figure them out, VEILED FREEDOM is a timely insightful look into a nation devastated by three decades of war.

Harriet Klausner

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