A Wild Affair-Gemma Townley

A Wild Affair

Gemma Townley

Ballantine, May 2009, $13.00

ISBN: 9780345499820

Jessica Wild and Max Wainwright are engaged.  Currently the Milton Advertising pair is working together on a top secret bank merger as well as their personal merger as both look forward to exchanging their vows.  However, Jessica notices that Max seems distant lately, but assumes he is a bit nervous about the marriage and somewhat distracted about the bank job.

Jessica picks up Max’s phone only to hear a sexy voice on the end.  Frightened he may be stepping out on her, she tracks the voice only to find Max hugging a sexy woman.  She leaves hysterical and getting drunk.  The next morning she awakens in the bed of Max’s rival Hugh Barter.  Vino veritas costs Max his lucrative deal and Jessica her Max; she and her BFFs try to learn just who the woman is.

The sequel to THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING MARRIED is an engaging contemporary tale starring an insecure protagonist who never gives Max a chance to explain until she nukes their relationship.  The support cast enhances the somewhat thin plot by either adding humor, trouble, or both.  Although the ending seems too simple, Gemma Townley provides a fun tale of a major detour on the way to the aisle.

Harriet Klausner

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