Starbound-Joe Haldeman


Joe Haldeman

Ace, Jan 5 2010, $24,95

ISBN: 9780441018178


Carmen Dula and her husband pilot Paul Collins met when she saved earth and Mars from the destruction of the Others (see Marsbound).  However, though they were successful for now, everyone knows that the human-Martian alliance is not close to matching the military might of the Others.  Desperation leads to a peace envoy to journey to the solar system that is home to the Others to try to negotiate a lasting peace.


Most people felt this Hail Mary quest was a suicide mission, but shockingly the six year trip has Carmen and Paul returning home, but on earth five decades have passed.  In the interim mankind has constructed weapons of mass destruction to counter any Others invasion.  However, neither earth nor Mars understands just how powerful the Others are as they refuse to accept the slightest hint of a counterinsurgency.


This is an almost as fast as light outer space thriller that uses Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as a key underlying premise to the exciting story line.  Although the plot is a middle book connecting the introduction of the Others with what looks like will be a confrontational bound finish as nothing major closes, fans will enjoy the ride as Joe Haldeman cleverly uses Relativity to tell an engaging character driven science fiction.


Harriet Klausner


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