Moon Cursed-Lori Handeland

Moon Cursed

Lori Handeland

St. Martin’s, Mar 1 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780312389352

With the cancelation of her TV show the Hoax Hunters, Kristin Daniels knows she will need a miracle to revitalize her career.  Not one to idly sit around waiting for divine intervention, Kristin believes proving a legendary monster is a fake is the ticket back to the small screen.  She chooses the Loch Ness monster as her target.

Kristin arrives in Drumnadrochit, Scotland to begin her hoax busting.  However, she finds the corpse of a drowned female who some locals insist was murdered by Nessie.  At the ruins of Urquhart Castle, Kristin and Liam Grant meet and are attracted to one another though she feels he conceals something dark from her.  Meanwhile, Edward Mandenauer offers her a lot of money to assist him on his obsessive quest to find Nessie.

The tenth “Moon” Nightcreature urban romantic fantasy takes a terrific twist as the village of Drumnadrochit seems cursed by Nessie.  In the gloomy dark atmosphere, the Hoax Hunter sets out to prove the killer is human, not mythical.  The predator (Nessie or human), Liam and Edward form the rest of the Moon Cursed inquiry into whom or what is the psychopathic serial killer (can Nessie be a psychopath?).  Fans will Crave the Moon saga as Lori Handeland provides a great entry in a strong series.

Harriet Klausner

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