Star Wars Scourge-Jeff Grubb

Star Wars Scourge

Jeff Grubb

LucasBooks/Del Rey, Apr 24 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780345511225


Hot tempered Pantoran Jedi Toro Irana hates the planet Maken Te in the dangerous Hutt sector.  Several weeks in the hellhole coming into contact with the local Swokes has raised his ire to the boiling point.  He impatiently drinks in a restaurant waiting to meet with a contact to discuss trade coordinates when someone sends him a Rodian bottle, which allows Toro to change from imbibing the local swill.  A few minutes later he brawls with the locals killing the Caliph’s nephew.  When Toro sees movement behind him, he slashes with his light saber only to realize he saw his reflection in the window.  He falls through the broken pane to his death.


Toro’s former Master, Jedi archivist Mander Zuma heads to Maken Te rejecting that a trained warrior would make an idiotic error with the glass that a rookie would not make.  Mander notices crystals on Toro’s eyes and obtains the Rodian bottle.  He thinks Toro was poisoned.  Following the Rodian clue, he heads to their warehouse where Toro’s sister Reena attacks him.  They soon are under assault but her ally Eddey Be’ray the Bothian spacer rescues them.  The Jedi and the sibling follow leads into the heart of the perilous Hutts in which crime lords rule.


Based on the Star Wars roleplaying game Tempest Feud (Wizards of the Coast); Scourge is an enjoyable science fiction mystery that occurs several years after A New Hope.  The fast-paced storyline hooks the audience with plenty of action as the scholarly Jedi Master and the avenging female Pantoran land (and soar) in one predicament after another.  This is a fun tale with the death inquiry providing a refreshing whodunit spin to the Force.


Harriet Klausner


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