Saved: Cancer, Katrina Dogs And Me-Anne Gurchick

Saved: Cancer, Katrina Dogs And Me

Anne Gurchick

Transformation Media Books, Jan 12 2012, $16.95

ISBN: 9780985273729


Six months before, Dr. Nelson informed Anne Gurchick they got all of the cancer.  Now Dr. Nelson informs her “It’s cancer and it’s bad.”  Anne is heartbroken that her beloved Hannah the Rottweiler needs chemo.  She leaves Austin behind so that Hannah receives the best treatment at Colorado State in Fort Collins.  Distraught she tells her sister she wishes it was her.  Soon after chemo, the tests show Hannah as cancer free.  A few months later, Anne got what she wished for as she has stage II breast cancer requiring a mastectomy.  As Anne recovers from surgery, Katrina hammers New Orleans leaving stranded many innocent animals who are not allowed into shelters.  Feeling a deep need to help as many of these animals as possible, Anne with others (Bland Nesbit, Jan Panico and Melinda Goldrich) heads to New Orleans (thanks to injured Katheryn letting them use her Cessna) to rescue dogs.


This is a poignant memoir that strongly affirms a caring person can make a difference even doing something insignificant in terms of the Katrina disaster like saving dogs; though I am biased having rescued cats and dogs abandoned in dumpsters in the Atlanta area.  Readers will admire Ms. Gurchick and her intrepid team as they begin their mission just after her surgery and while New Orleans is in dangerous disarray.  This is a touching memoir as little positive things mean much more than phony media shoots.


Harriet Klausner


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