Deadly Descendent-Jenna Black

Deadly Descendent

Jenna Black

Pocket, Apr 24 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781451606805


The son of the Gods of Death and Vengeance, Anderson Kane leads the Liberi team whose goal is to make the world a better place while their enemy the Olympians hunts down the Descendants of the Gods.  Reluctantly Nikki Glass, a Descendent of Artemis, has joined the Liberi while wondering how she will pay her bills as her paying private investigative work is shut down by her new job and her office was burned down by an idiot.  Anderson assigns her to look into the files of those they have hidden in their equivalent to the witness protection program to ascertain vulnerability.


Olympian Phoebe the Oracle accompanied by Cyrus Constantine visit the Liberi to discuss her latest vision about one of Anderson’s team pretending to be Anubis’ Descendants attacking mortals in the DC area.  She says if the humans catch this serial killer, they will learn of the existence of the Liberi and the Olympians.  Nikki investigates, but Phoebe underestimated, probably on purpose, who the predator behind the hell hounds is.


The second Nikki Glass urban fantasy (see Dark Descendent) is an exciting thriller that feels like a paranormal hardboiled detective tale.  Nikki is an intriguing protagonist who still struggles with the concept that due to abetting an Immortal’s suicide, she has become an Immortal.  Sub-genre fans will enjoy her take no prisoners attitude (just ask Emma the Liberi or a coke bottle) as she provides readers with a fascinating tour of the jackal underbelly of DC.


Harriet Klausner


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