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Toni Morrison

Knopf, May 8 2012, $24.00

ISBN: 9780307594167


After serving in the army in the Korean War, Frank Money returns home to Lotus, Georgia.  Angry, he suffers from battle fatigue and combat injuries. He is not greeted as a war hero, but with racism due to the color of his skin. 


Frank searches for his sister Cee as a family friend claims his sibling needs him or will soon be dead.  When he went off to war, Cee was married but her husband left her.  Now some doctor is experimenting on Cee; not if Frank can help it, but will she allow herself to fall back to her childhood haven that her big brother provided.


This is a fascinating historical family drama where the respective plights of Frank and Cee are critical but it is the changing relationship between the siblings that make for another great Toni Morrison novel.  Frank leans his fierce protection of Cee never allowed her to mature to the point where she could protect herself.  Now Cee tries to face issues while helping her brother confront the demons that he kept at bay with alcohol.  The insightful storyline makes a strong case that the truth will set you free if you recognize what the truth is though you may never state what you believe the truth is.


Harriet Klausner


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