Everything Zing: Winter-Grant Stone

Everything Zing: Winter

Grant Stone

Tate Publishing, Nov 29 2011, $21.99

ISBN: 9781613466827


On December 24, 1999, George Everest of Manhattan believed in a big spectacular entrance.  He just was unprepared for this one when he looked out his apartment window.  He was falling rather fast through a colorful spectrum until he stopped and began moving horizontally.  Finally he landed on a soft surface after having fallen through the roof of Grand Central Station.  However, when he opens his eyes he sees a Christmas pageant with animated figures singing; that is until the tree fell in his chest.  George Everest believes in a big entrance and this one was a doozy.


However, his adventures have just begun when he ends up on the Train of Thought until he reaches Ozilline’s cottage on Lake Englehook.  There Marnie and Ozilline discuss how the survival of the Imagine Nation Kingdom rests with George because Landon believes his teacher George owns the unexplained hourglass that means only doom.  All these Pursesands children wonder how life can pathetically twist to make an adult hold the Key to saving their kingdom from their nemesis. 


This whimsical odd fantasy grips the audience from the moment readers feel we accompany George on his mystical journey.  Fast-paced and filled with action, fans will appreciate this turn of the millennium adventure as George feels like a sort of Gulliver working a dangerous holiday gig in which two adversarial camps know he is the key to victory or defeat.


Harriet Klausner



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