Blazing Bedtime Stories; Volume VII-Rhonda Nelson and Tawny Weber

Blazing Bedtime Stories; Volume VII

Rhonda Nelson and Tawny Weber

Harlequin Blaze, May 22 2012, $5.25

ISBN: 9780373796922

“The Steadfast Hot Soldier” by Rhonda Nelson.  On leave, Army Ranger Major John “Bear” Midwinter returns home to the hell of Hydrangea, Mississippi to see his Mommy Dearest who always blamed him for her failure to make it in dance.  He promised her he would fix up her dance studio that she sold to a former student ballet teacher Veda Hayes.  His mom meets him at the airport but not to take him to town as she is on her way to Paris.  At the studio Bear and Veda meet.  She reminds him of his two rules of women: no tiny women and no dancers as each reminds him of dearest mom.  In spite of his reiteration of his mantra, he and Veda are attracted to one another, but he refuses to accept the desire he feels is really love.

“Wild Thing” by Tawny Weber.  His new partner sends private investigator Percy Graham to retrieve a tiny Chinese Crested dog Medusa owned by Gregory Day from groomer Andrea Tanner.  He arrives at her shop to find her tied up.  Percy says he has had fantasies about her ever since their one night together, but she rejected him though he is unaware of the reason why. She is afraid this hunk will break her heart as she has a phobia about her looks.   They team up in search of Medusa while he reminds her of what they shared and what they can share

These are two entertaining romantic novellas starring such engaging protagonists that readers will want them to make it.

Harriet Klausner


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