Colter’s Promise-Maya Banks

Colter’s Promise

Maya Banks

Berkley, Jun 5 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780425258620


In Clyde, Colorado, Dr. Burton informs Lily Colter that she is pregnant in spite of her using birth control.  She fears losing another child while thinking of her sweet Rose.  Lily knows she owes her three husbands (Seth the Sheriff, Dillon the pub owner and Michael the vet) the truth but is paralyzed with the news that she dreads.


Her mother-in-law Holly Colter (see Colter’s Legacy) is euphoric as her extended family is coming for Christmas.  Though her cooking skills are legendary as a family joke, she plans to make a holiday dinner for all to enjoy. She turns to Lily to mentor her in the kitchen, but her daughter-in-law has mind-numbing issues with her past and present pregnancies. 


This is an entertaining family drama as two generations of polygamous relationships take center stage over the holidays.  Targeting fans of the saga as Lily deals with an unwanted pregnancy while knowing her three husbands (the Colter siblings), her mother-in-law and her three father-in-laws would look forward to the next generation.


Harriet Klausner


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