Dark Kiss-Michelle Rowen

Dark Kiss

Michelle Rowen

Harlequin Teen, May 22 2012, $9.99

ISBN: 9780373210473


In Trinity, New York teenage BFFs Samantha and Carly Kessler are clubbing when Stephen Keyes joins them.  Sam has had a crush on the hunk seemingly forever.  When he asks to kiss her but warns her that his kiss will change her life, she readily agrees.  After he says he is sorry kid, he leaves while she faints.


Soon afterward boys hit on her; girls scream at her; and she is always hungry just not for food.  The head angel on a heavenly quest Bishop is attracted to Sam who has lost her soul to that kiss.  His team consists of two angels (Zach and Connor) who work closely with and against two demons (Kraven and Roth).  Their Nightwatchers’ mission is to prevent the evil darkness from devouring Trinity.


The first Nightwatchers’ teen urban fantasy is an exciting twisting thriller which grips readers from that first Dark Kiss until the final confrontation.  The cast is fully developed with diverse personalities while the Rowen mythology is intriguing as there are things so wicked even heaven and hell have to team up. 


Harriet Klausner


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