Monster Hunter-Larry Correia

Monster Hunter

Larry Correia

Baen, May 29 2012, $24.00

ISBN: 9781451637847


“Monster Hunter International.”  Owen Pitt wants the American dream, but instead got Monster Hunter International when his boss tried to bite off his head; in self-defense he pushed the miscreant out of a fourteenth floor story window.  MHI offers scar faced Owen a position with their firm as monster eradicator.  The Cursed One returns with an ancient vendetta to destroy the world.  As time runs out on mankind, the rookie faces the Cursed One’s undead horde, feral Feds, a ghost sharing his skull, and his beloved’s cursed family without hazardous duty pay.


“Monster Hunter Vendetta.”  Having deployed a bottom line solution to the Cursed One’s war, Pitt learns The Dread Overlord rages over what Owen arranged in his recent victory.  The monster chieftain orders his supporters to bring him Mr. Pitt for special torture as saving humanity is an unacceptable defense.  The Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition led by the Shadow Man stalks Owen as a perfect sacrifice to gain favor with the Old Ones.


“Monster Hunter Alpha.”  MHI Chief Earl Harbinger conceals from his subordinates that he is a werewolf who dedicated his life to protect mankind just like his dad the greatest Hunter ever.  Earl learns ruthless former KGB werewolf Nikolai killed a deputy sheriff in Copper Lake, Michigan.  The MHI leader realizes that he and Stalin’s favorite agent must hunt each other until only one is left howling. However, Earl is ignorant of why his foe is in the Wolverine State.


The omnibus reprint of three MHI cases are entertaining satirical urban fantasies that deploys plenty of hyperbole to lampoon how society deals with “monsters”.  Pitt makes a more fascinating lead than Harbinger, but still each entry is fun.


Harriet Klausner


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