Sevin-Elizabeth Amber


Elizabeth Amber

Kensington Aphrodisia, Apr 24 2012, $14.00

ISBN: 9780758241313


“Sevin.” In 1882 Rome, Lord Sevin Satyr builds Salone di Passione where he and his hybrid satyrs can enjoy sexual pleasures especially during the full moon ritual when their second lower head sprouts.  Failure to release their sperm into a female means death.  His half-brother Lucien accidentally takes Sevin and himself to the catacombs underneath the home of Alexa Patrizzi, whose family used Lucien for ages.  When Sevin and Alexa meet, each is attracted to the other as his full moon Calling occurs.


“Lucien.”  His uncontrollable magic took Lucien and Sevin to the latter’s bond mate, but also to a place he hates as he was a sex slave to the Patrizzi clan.  Lucien’s wild magic sends the former to another realm.  There he is trapped inside a statue in which only the touch by his destined one can free him.  Lucien senses Natalia the healer is the one for him to liberate him from his physical and mental prison.


The latest Lords of the Satyr entry is an exciting erotic historical romantic fantasy that contains two entries within the Roman clan.  Both tales are well written with the protagonists possessing different personalities.  Fans will enjoy the entire Satyr saga as this generation (not so subtle hint to Elizabeth Amber) of Roman clan (see Bastian and Dane) and Tuscany clan (see Dominic, Nicholas, Lyon and Raine) comes to a fabulous end.


Harriet Klausner



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