Kiss The Bride-Lori Wilde

Kiss The Bride

Lori Wilde

Forever, May 22 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781455512676


“There Goes The Bride.”  In Houston the upcoming marriage between Delaney Cartwright and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Evan van Zandt makes all of the societal pages. However, the bride has doubts although she admits Evan is a nice likable person; she wants sparks and there are none. Delaney stops at a consignment shop where she makes a wish to get out of her nuptials while holding a wedding veil. Her friends persuade her to abduct Evan and have her way with him. Instead she almost kidnaps Evan’s patient, undercover Detective Dominic Vanetti, whom she has seen in a vision when she first touched the veil. Still her plan now is to hire someone to abduct her so she does not have to say I do, but someone else has the same agenda with a different outcome.


“Once Smitten, Twice Shy.”  Two years ago Secret Service agent Shane Tremont and wedding videographer Tish Gallagher divorced though they remain hot for one another. While Tish’s business borders on bankruptcy, Shane protects the POTUS’ daughter Elysee. When he is injured in the line of duty, Elysee thinks he is her knight in shining armor; Shane thinks he is in love. They become engaged as the country goes wild over the romance between the government agent and the First Daughter.  Elysee hires Tish to videotape their engagement party and their wedding as she knows Shane still has a torch for his ex and believes that should bring finality to the couple. However, Elysee’s plan backfires as Shane and Tish realize they still love each other, but they failed once.


This reprint of two whimsical Wedding Veil Wishes tales contains Wilde madcap entertaining paranormal contemporary romances.


Harriet Klausner


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