Pulse-John Lutz


John Lutz

Pinnacle, Jul 3 2012, $9.99

ISBN: 9780786020287


In 2002 Florida, a contingent of police officers is driving serial killer Daniel Danielle to a top secret maximum security prison when hurricane winds turned the car upside down.  Daniel escapes but not before he killed his escorts.  He vanishes into the eye of the storm and becomes an urban legend never seen again.


In the present, a series of female homicides occur in which the victims were tortured and mutilated employing the same M.O. as Daniel used.  Whether the psychopath is Daniel or a copycat is irrelevant to Police Commissioner Renz who wants the maniac stopped.  He hires former cop turned private investigator Frank Quinn’s firm to capture this predator.  Pearl is reunited with Jody Jason the daughter she gave up for adoption and the two women and Quinn bond.  Jody finds the link to the serial killer that involves the law firm she is interning at, the college she attends and Meading properties.  Now Pearl and Quinn must identify who the killer hides behind before another woman is brutally murdered.


Thriller master John Lutz is known for his suspense and his ability to enable readers to understand the bone marrow deep motives that drive both the heroes and the villains.  Ironically the chapters when the killer tells his perspective, fans do not learn why he is a monster as he does not see himself that way.  Though a serial kill hunt is not new, Pulse is kept fresh by rotating time, place and point of view.  This fast-paced tale grips fans from start to finish as time is running out on the next victim.


Harriet Klausner


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