Gold-Chris Cleave


Chris Cleave

Simon & Schuster, Jul 3 2012, $27.00

ISBN 9781451672725


At the Manchester Velodrome, nineteen year old Zoe Castle and Kate Meadows meet when each tries out for a spot on the Elite Prospects Programme for British Cycling.  Coach Tom Voss selects who he wants to train. Both teens are attracted to racer Jack Argall, but though Zoe hooks him first, Kate wins that competition as she marries him.


Thirteen years later, Zoe and Kate have remained friends but now compete for the sole British female cycling slot at the 2012 London Olympic Games and with their age it should be their last ride.  Kate, who gave up two previous games over the health of her eight years old daughter Sophie, ailing with leukemia; while Zoe is known as a serial sex fiend who plays hard in everything she does.  The thirtyish rivals will soon compete in a winner goes to the Games and the loser stays home.


This is an exciting look at the highest level of competitive cycling between two women tied together from the moment they met.  Their personalities are different as Kate is a dedicated mom while Zoe has the track only.  Jack is a cross between the two ladies as he is driven to win almost to the degree of Zoe but also knows his only important gold medal is his family.  Although Kate is too forgiving especially of Zoe who has relationship issues, this is an engaging read that takes readers behind the scenes and around the oval.


Harriet Klausner


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