Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues-Diana Rowland

Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues

Diana Rowland

Daw, Jul 3 2012, $

ISBN: 9780756407506


Angel Crawford has come a long way in a short time from her felonious teen life in the Louisiana Bayous as a poor white trash delinquent living in a dumpy old trailer.  Instead she has overcome her addictions, adapted to dining on brains ever since she became a zombie and survived a serial killer assault (See My Life As A White Trash Zombie).  She even has a job as a coroner’s van driver that enables her easy access to take out fast food and shockingly has friends including a romance with her zombie trainer police officer Deputy Marcus Ivanov.  


However, her perfect life turns ugly when someone with a gun aimed at Angel steals a corpse from her.  Before the kidnapping, Angels sensed something weird about the victim as her olfactory skill failed to smell any brain smoothie.  The media rips her head off due to what she claims as farfetched and her criminal history.  Distrusting Marcus as she fears he is a double agent working for the Zombie Mafia, Angel investigates the case of the seemingly brainless corpse that got away only to end up in a top secret lab.


Angel has come a long way from when she was a living loser; for as a dead head she has become a productive member of society.  This tongue in cheek zombie thriller is much more serious than its jocular first entry as the courageous protagonist comes across some frightening things including the press vilification that have her wanting to throw up the last brains stew she chomped on.  Urban fantasy fans will enjoy the latest Diana Rowland take on zombie fever.


Harriet Klausner


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