Midnight Promises-Sherryl Woods

Midnight Promises

Sherryl Woods

Mira, Jun 26 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780778313489


Elliott Cruz married a divorcee over his family’s objection when he wed single mom Karen Ames and her children (six years old Daisy and four years old Mack).  However, a few years into their marriage, the couple has communication issues as they have gone their separate ways; culminating with him opening a gym in Serenity that she learns about from her friend.


Fuming Karen confronts Elliott that he planned to use their “baby fund” savings to bankroll the gym.  His excuse for not telling her is that he wanted everything in order before informing her of his investment.  A neurotic when it comes to rainy day money as her first husband left her drowning in debt; Karen and Elliot compound their dispute with miscommunications.  As their relationship continues to splinter, the battling duet learns perspective from Elliot’s beleaguered sister Adelia and her philandering husband Ernesto.


The latest The Sweet Magnolias contemporary romance is an engaging tale as the Fixx sang “one thing leads to another”; all seemingly making it worse.  The cast is strong as bigger family crises put perspective on the inanity of that between Karen and Elliot, which affirms readers desire to Moe these two stooges.


Harriet Klausner


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