The Way Back Home-Barbara Freethy

The Way Back Home

Barbara Freethy

Pocket, Jun 26 20212, $7.99

ISBN: 9781451636543


In River Rock, California, single mom Alicia Hayden tries to save Hayden River Adventures after the accident on the Smoky left her father using a cane and in total denial about the business or the townsfolk rage towards them as local Brian Farr died and she barely survived a drowning.  Three weeks ago she buried her twin brother Rob a marine who died in combat one week before he was to come home.  Their competitor Wild River Tours sees an opportunity to drown their rivals as Alicia worries about the future of her almost ten year old son Justin.


Former Marine Gabe Ryder, who was with Rob during that final fatal firefight, arrives in River Rock as he promised his Rob’s best friend to take care of the Hayden family.  Though she knows she is being unreasonable and bitter, Alicia holds Gabe culpable for the death of her sibling.  They have a past that he refuses to talk about as Gabe believes he is unworthy of the love of Alicia and the admiration of Justin.  However, when the assaults on the business turns ugly and Justin and his BFF David vanish, the marine in him reacts as he never leaves a man (woman or child) behind.


This is an engaging romantic suspense that focuses on how customized grief is especially in a small-town where everyone not only knows one another but everybody is impacted by a tragedy. Character driven by a strong cast and by the river, fans will enjoy rafting with Barbara Freethy as our guide.


Harriet Klausner


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