Claiming The Heart-Sara Luck

Claiming The Heart

Sara Luck

Pocket, April 24 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781451652246


A few years after the Civil War ended, workaholic track supervisor Gabe Corrigan lives to see the expansion of the Texas and Pacific (T&P) Railroad across Texas as the deadline of reaching Fort Worth looms.  His Louisiana Southern belle wife Marthalee complains that he pays no attention to her she insists his only love is the rails.  Disgusted, Marthalee heads home while filing for an annulment.


Gabe does not blink with his spouse leaving him.  Instead he finds himself attracted to hotel-shop owner Josie Laclede who loves his dream of rails across Texas.  They fall in love and soon travel to DC where they meet the President and First Lady and other dignitaries.  Marthalee comes back into his life claiming they remain married; as she wants part of the wealth he earned with his T&P investment and to be part of the DC upper crust society.  Her father influential General Galloway offers Gabe a chance to reconcile with his family and to begin a political career; while foundling Josie knows she cannot compete, so she leaves.


This Reconstruction Era romance is a terrific Texas tale starring two fabulous protagonists.  The mystery of Josie’s birth enhances this strong historical with a fabulous late spin that emphasizes the limited degrees of separation between slaves and the highest social elite.  Character driven Sara Luck provides an enjoyable nineteenth century Americana tale.


Harriet Klausner


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