The Holden Age Of Hollywood-Phil Brody

The Holden Age Of Hollywood

Phil Brody

Medallion, August 1 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781605424866


While packing up her father’s house after he died, Sam Bateman comes across a collection of rejection letters for his screenplays.  Obsessively angry that producer Jon Foster never read the work he sent to him, Sam moves to Hollywood.  There he obtains a position at Foster’s studio as a reader who determines what scripts are forwarded to the producer to consider.


He becomes enamored with the legend of the greatest screenwriter ever Meyer Holden who just abruptly walked away into the sunset.  Sam gets Foster to fire him and persuades his girlfriend Share to move in with him.  Holden may have vanished, but he wrote many screenplays under aliases that got buried in the slush pile.  Bateman, aware of what Holden does, gets Share to convince writers to send their scripts to him; hoping he will find a disguised Holden gem.  Share supports Sam’s folly, but begins to wonder if he finds the mother lode would he choose a wannabe actress or the prize that goes with the discovery


Readers will enjoy watching a fascinating Bateman get sucked into the Hollywood drama machine.  Filled with a quirky cast working humorous scenes, readers will enjoy this fascinating character study as Bateman goes the extraordinary extra kilometer to find a Holden screenplay.  With a solid romance somewhat abating the darkness of this satirical tale, fans will wonder will success spoil Sam Bateman as this is Hollywood.


Harriet Klausner


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