Advent- James Treadwell


James Treadwell

Atria/Emily Bestler Books, July 3 2012, $26.00

ISBN: 9781451661644


In 1537, the world’s greatest magus Johannes Faust plans on his resurrection.  He places a piece of his soul into a mirror and buries all magic inside a ring.


His school expels fifteen year old Gavin Stokes for insisting he sees ghosts.  His parents are at the end of their rope after he rushes into their bedroom claiming Miss Grey said his mom was dead.  Since they received a hand written note from Aunt Gwen, his mom and dad exile the troubled teen to Pendurra, the Cornish estate where Aunt Gwen the flighty wiccan is the housekeeper.  At Pendurra, Gavin meets other people who claim to have seen paranormal essences; most have suffered from the ridicule of others.  When he and his new friends find a box containing a mirror and a ring, they unwittingly release the return of magic onto an unsuspecting world.


Advent is a great urban fantasy that uses everyday items like flowers to show the return of magic.  The cast is solid especially the teen protagonist who finds rusticating unhealthy as he has doubts as to whom he can trust.  Rotating perspective though most of the action occurs in the present as the two subplots converge, fans will enjoy this good and evil struggle with the betting line on the bad guys (and gals).


Harriet Klausner


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