Don’t Say a Word-Beverly Barton

Don’t Say a Word

Beverly Barton

Zebra, Jul 31, 2012, $7.99

ISBN 9781420110371


In Chattanooga, the vicious “Tongue Slasher” serial killer haunts the city as even a judge is unsafe from this psychopath.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Will Brannock and Detective Julia Cass, new to the CPD and sister to his TBI peer J.D. (see Don’t Cry), lead the inquiry. 


While both law enforcement officials know ending the hideous Tongue Slasher’s reign of terror is top priority, they are attracted to one another.  However, Julia pegs him as a player so rejects any relationship besides professional and Will has a past that prevents him from pursuing his temporary teammate.  As they work the case, they find too many suspects, but diligently try to eliminate most of them before another victim is gruesomely slaughtered.


This is a fast-paced direct sequel to Don’t Cry as some of the dangling threads continue in this police procedural.  The killer’s scrap book will bring chills to the audience as does his gruesome crimes.  Fans will appreciate this strong thriller as the late Beverly Barton, known for her taut tales, provides a terrific tense romantic suspense.


Harriet Klausner


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