Blood Line-James Rollins

Blood Line

James Rollins

Morrow, Jun 26 2012, $27.99

ISBN: 9780061784798


Sigma Force Commander Gray Pierce struggles with the murder of his mother.  However, the team is assigned by leader Painter Crowe to extract a high value abductee taken by Somali pirates off the Seychelles.  Confused by the task as this is not the type of mission Sigma deals with since the kidnapping is not a global threat, which is their mission even if the victim is the First Daughter Amanda Gant-Bennett.  Even more bewildering is that former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and his K9 partner Kane join the rescue effort.  Reluctantly as they table their combat against the Guild, Sigma heads to the Horn to meet their two newcomers.


A firebombing in a South Carolina fertility clinic reveals a centuries-old plot to reengineer the human genome.  Sigma is assigned to save an unborn whose existence questions the meaning of what humanity is:


As always in a James Rollins’ thriller, scientific theories (in this case: genetics, robotics, immortality and canine intelligence) are key to an exciting action-packed tale.  The cast is strong with the newcomers fitting in with the likes of Pierce, Bryant, Kowalski and even enigmatic Seichan while the locales diverse.  With a strong conspiratorial plot that ties back to the eleventh century and Jesus, Sigma fans will enjoy the fabulous Blood Line (see The Doomsday Key and The Devil Colony).


Harriet Klausner


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