False Covenant-Ari Marmell

False Covenant

Ari Marmell

PYR, Jun 26 2012, $16.95

ISBN:  9781616146214


In Davillon, Adrienne Sati escaped the mean streets thanks to a benefactor only to return to the mean streets as a thief thanks to the minor God Olgun (not one of the revered 147) sharing her skull.  Now known as Widdershins, she knows she was lucky to survive the serial killer nightmare over six months ago (see Thief’s Covenant).  She and her deity agree to go straight so they try to earn a living working at Genevieve’s tavern.


While the pair fails at bar-keeping, malevolence hunts the nightlife of the city.  Widdershins and Olgun return to what they are good at: thieving.  However, they uncover a diabolical dark magic plot.  The powerful Church distrusts her after the death of their Archbishop.  The Guard distrusts her after what happened to Constable Henri Roubert.  The Thieves’ Guild distrusts her after she left them twice before.  Only Guard Major Bouniard seems to be her ally but neither Widdershins nor Olgun trusts the orphan’s attraction to him.  If they survive an irate noble who wants her dead; the mortal-deity combo has a night time engagement with an evil serial killer.


Widdershins returns in an exciting entertaining investigative fantasy in which the strong city presence anchors the otherworldly elements.  Readers would assume the lead protagonist is schizophrenic, if not for the occasional magic, as she and her guest hold amusing satirical discussions on redemption, death and love.  Though there is purposeful stereotyping of secondary players that sets the tone of the Church, the aristocracy, the Guard and the Guild; high school age and older fans will enjoy touring the underbelly of Davillon with the squabbling jocular hosts.


Harriet Klausner


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