Run to Ground-D.P. Lyle

Run to Ground

D.P. Lyle

Oceanview, Aug 7 2012, $25.95

ISBN: 9781608090570


In Alabama, Martha and Tim Foster struggle to cope with the murder of their seven year old son Steven.  DNA evidence in a truck tied Walter Alan Whitaker to the homicide.  However Judge Ben Kleiman trashed the reputation of HPD homicide detective T-Tommy Tortelli and disallowed the use of the DNA on a technicality. Whitiker was convicted of perjury and interfering with a police investigation.  He received three years and now after nine months at Stone Gate Prison near Huntsville he is freed.


Martha and Tim fear their son’s killer as he threatened her.  Though they will never see their son’s grave again, the pair change their identity and plan to leave the state.  However, before they leave for the Carolinas, they fire shots from a distance that kills Whitaker whose brother blames T-Tommy.  HPD forensic evidence and criminal behavior consultant Dub Walker, T-Tommy Tortelli and TV reporter Claire McBride search for the Fosters, but find some anomalies in the evidence.


The latest Dub Walker/T-Tommy police procedural (see Hot Lights, Cold Steel and Stress Fracture) is a taut manhunt investigation.  Character driven especially at the onset when readers meet the distraught parents, the storyline is filled with a stunning late twist.  Fans will appreciate aptly titled Run To Ground while wondering would they act like the bereaved Foster parents who watch an injustice occur.


Harriet Klausner


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