Rebooting in Beverly Hills-Marcy Miller

Rebooting in Beverly Hills

Marcy Miller

Bancroft Press, Jun 12 2012, $22.95

ISBN: 9781610880466


Rebooting in Beverly Hills is a combination memoir with tips for middle aged single women deciding whether to dive back into the dating pool after a long absence.  Though the target audience in many ways is divorcees like Marcy Miller, the short, amusing and witty anecdotes can be used by any mature woman (and some discerning men).  .  The author suggests diverse business cards that either provides your real personal information, disinformation or misinformation depending on the how you relate to the recipient.  This reminds me of a tip the Army provided to my husband on answering password questions as the truth may set your information free to an identity thief so misinformation is okay (just remember the answer is the City not the Bronx).  Further short discussions surface on “Not So Mr. Big who is a good kisser and caring person, but his lover needs a magnifying glass.  The engaging guide for the forty and older crowd can be summed up by deciding where to meet dates as the maligned Internet is not what we used the first time around (shows our age).  Readers will appreciate Ms. Miller’s marvelous memoir as she focuses on rebooting the mission of finding “The One” (or not) after the previous “The One” proved the not one.


Harriet Klausner


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