Bond Girl-Erin Duffy

Bond Girl

Erin Duffy

Morrow, Jul 17 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9780062065902


In 2006 hoping to prove a chip off the financial block of her dad, Alex Garrett feels euphoric when the Street’s brokerage firm Cromwell Pierce hires her after she graduates from college.  However, the fulfillment of her dreams starts off nightmarish when she arrives at her job on the trading floor to finds she has no desk or office chair; instead she has a folding chair and a boss Ed “Chick” Ciccone who calls her “Girlie” as her tasks are obtaining coffee and lunch while learning.


When she arrives late, Chick punishes her by sending her to the Bronx to buy heroes and a fifty pound parmesan wheel; she is left with the hefty bill.  However, she survives her first year and is pleased with receiving an $110,000 bonus.  Alex and colleague Will Patrick begin a clandestine tryst though he vanishes every weekend.  Hedge-fund manager Rick Kieriakis stalks her, but Alex knows she cannot win in a confrontation with this powerful psychopath.  In 2008 the market collapses leaving Alex a chance to regain her soul or continue with the devil’s money


This is an engaging chick lit look at macho Wall Street right before and during the financial collapse.  The vivid descriptions of the Street’s office politics is nauseating with an only the strong survive the devouring of the rookies but seems genuine; while the insight into the finance world reads more like a quantum physics primer.  Still fans will enjoy the Bond Girl escorting readers around the Street.


Harriet Klausner


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