Goddess in the Middle-Stephanie Julian

Goddess in the Middle

Stephanie Julian

Sourcebooks, Jul 1 2012, $14.99

ISBN 9781402251535


Many, many centuries ago, Amity Monroe was Munthukh the Etruscan Goddess of Health.  Now she lives in Pennsylvania working as a medical aesthetician in Reading Hospital. Amity learned a long time ago to avoid loving relationships as that always leads to hurt so she focuses on her job where she also uses her diminished deity powers to reduce a patent’s pain in order to enhance healing; but that always leaves her weakened at a time a when Charun the underworld god hunts the goddess population; sex refurbishes her strength. 


She and her best friend trauma nurse Jill Doyle are at Kelly’s Corner where two Etruscan men want her.  Werewolf-witch cousins Rom and Remy Caneglosi knows the demon who killed their family wants Amity.  They are stunned when she comes over to them offering to buy them a drink and much more.  As they team up to kill a demon, their attraction grows.


The third Forgotten Goddesses erotic romantic urban fantasy (see What A Goddess Wants and How to Worship a Goddess) is an exciting paranormal that works due to the vile villain.  The sex scenes are well written and hot, but also unrealistic as danger stalks her.  The three fascinating protagonists carry baggage as she knows love hurts and struggles with how far she has fallen while the cousins blame themselves for what happened to their family.  Readers will enjoy this heated Etruscan triangle.


Harriet Klausner


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