The Coldest War-Ian Tregillis

The Coldest War

Ian Tregillis

Tor, Jul 17 2012, $25.99

ISBN 9780765321510


The Soviet Union is winning the Cold War against Great Britain.  By 1963, only the warlocks keep the Soviets from annexing the British Isles; however it is just a matter of time before the superpower crosses the Channel as each time a British wizard dies, the power balance shifts in favor of the Soviets. 


Meanwhile, twins Gretel and Klaus were once Nazi experiments who became Soviet research specimens.  Now with Gretel using her precognitive skills, to guide them while Klaus uses his super strength to break impenetrable barriers, they escape.  Their destination is British secret agent Raybould Marsh as she has visions of him.  Marsh and mage Will Beauclerk are caught in Milkwood while the Eidolons threaten both sides in the Coldest War.


Though this ends up as a middle book with no conclusion, readers will appreciate this strong alternate historical fantasy.  Ian Tregillis cleverly captures the Cold War paranoia and anything goes attitude including collateral damage (that Neocons apparently still cling too like a comforting blanket) with Marsh beginning to question whether the end ever justifies the means.  Gretel makes the storyline work as her twisting plot deploys.  Readers will enjoy the second Milkweed Triptych (see Bitter Seeds) as the world spins on its axis or does it.


Harriet Klausner


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