In The Barrister’s Bed-Tina Gabrielle

In The Barrister’s Bed

Tina Gabrielle

Zebra, Jul 3 2012, $6.99

ISBN: 9781420122756


All his life his father the Duke of Blackwood failed to recognize James Devlin as his son though he occasionally was allowed to visit his sire’s Wyndmoor manor.  James became an efficient aloof London barrister.  In 1819, the duke dies and to his shock, James inherits as he turns out to have been legitimate.


Though he knows he is being foolishly sentimental James compulsively needs to own Wyndmoor Manor, which was sold, as the only place he connected with his late father.  He buys the estate, but when James arrives at Wyndmoor he finds the “owner” widow Bella Sinclair already residing there.  She has a deed too and refuses to leave.  As they battle for ownership, James uses seduction as a means to achieve his end; but soon wonders who is seducing whom as he falls in love; just when her past brings danger that threatens their lives.


The second Barrister regency romance (see In The Barrister’s Chamber) is an engaging historical gender war.  Readers will root for the intrepid heroine who learned patience from her first marriage as she outlasted her late odious husband; on the other hand we will hiss at the poster child of the heartless barrister whose obsession leaves him initially willing to do anything to possess Wyndham Manor.  Fans will enjoy this entertaining tale but will want more action in the courtroom chambers rather than the manor chambers.


Harriet Klausner


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