Can’t Hurry Love-Molly O’Keefe

Can’t Hurry Love

Molly O’Keefe

Bantam, Jul 31 2012, $7.99

ISBN 9780345525611


Her husband the financial investor was involved in a Ponzi scheme.  When caught, he took the easy way out by committing suicide.  He left behind an impoverished widow Victoria Schulman raising their seven years old son Jacob by herself.  Victoria knows she lacks marketable skills and is guilty by association so her only answer is to leave New York and accompanied by Jacob move onto her nasty late father Lyle Baker’s Crooked Creek Ranch, a place she hated as a child when she was forced to spend summers there.


Eli Turnbull worked for years at the ranch with hopes of one day buying what was once his family’s land.  Her plan is to convert the spread into a spa, which anger Eli who wants her to go back to Manhattan’s high society.  Finally accepting he will not help her she fires him.  She turns around and hires his estranged mom Amy the architect who left him, his father and their ranch when Eli was eight years old.  His father lectures Eli that not everything comes easy but quitting is for losers.  As Eli and Tori fall in love, both must overcome their demons, which the Crooked Creek Ranch in many ways symbolizes.


Not for everyone as Eli and Tori each has plenty of emotional scars that makes the storyline much darker than her brother Luc’s tale (see Can’t Buy Me Love) though he and Tara Jean had their share.  Character driven by protagonists whose anger and hurt leave them vulnerable, fans will appreciate this second chance at life though it is difficult to believe this couple can overcome the baggage flowing through their respective circulatory systems.


Harriet Klausner


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