Forever And A Day-Jill Shalvis

Forever And A Day

Jill Shalvis

Forever, Jul 31 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781455503698


Four months ago, Grace Brooks left New York for a bank investor job in Seattle that ended when she refused to have sex with her employer.  With no money she drives as far as she can until she runs out of gas in Lucky Harbor, Washington.  She does odd jobs to survive and makes friends over chocolate with Health Services Clinic RN Mallory Quinn (see Lucky In Love) and waitress Amy Michaels (see At Last). 


Overworked single dad Dr. Josh Scott hires Grace to walk Tank the Antichrist that his angry out of control wheelchair bound sister Anna gave to his five year old son Toby.  After a soaking and failure with the mutt, Grace expects a firing; instead Josh hires her to take care of his troubled child when the nanny left.  She feels for Toby who barks rather than talks.  As she obtains bookkeeping jobs, attracted to each other Josh and Grace agree to a no strings relationship.  When they fall in love, Josh knows caring for his son and his sister as well as his dedication as a doctor comes before his desires.


The latest Lucky Harbor contemporary romance is a wonderful zany affair starring two protagonists whose first hilarious meeting sets the tone of a strong serio-comedic tale.  Fast-paced from the moment Tank the matchmaker causes a ruckus, fans will appreciate love and chocolate with a touch of the Jedi and wheelchair racing in a town affectionately summed up nicely by Sheriff Sawyer Thompson as fecking Mayberry.


Harriet Klausner


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