One Mountain Away-Emilie Richards

One Mountain Away

Emilie Richards

Mira, Jul 31 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9780778313557


In Asheville, successful realtor Charlotte Hale assesses her life and finds it wanting.  She has made a fortune, but at the cost of her daughter who she never sees or hears from.  Her friends do not care one iota about her except for what she can do for them.  Even her lovely home seems cold without loving family to mess it up.


Unhappy, Charlotte feels remorse over the death of animal protector Minnie as she knows she was part of the cause of the woman’s death.  At the coffee shop, waitress Harmony Stoddard serves Charlotte who watches a nasty customer treat the young woman with contempt.  Recalling her time severing tables years ago, Charlotte intercedes when an unfortunate accident occurs.  On an impulse, she takes Harmony home with her.  As she begins to reach out to help people without fanfare or from a monetary distance, Charlotte dreams of reconciling with her daughter Taylor who she drove away when her then sixteen years old child told her she was pregnant and keeping the baby. Charlotte needs to hold her granddaughter Maddie whom she never met though she has seen her from a distance when the child is with her grandfather Ethan. 


This Goddesses Anonymous family drama is an engaging contemporary due to the strong cast especially Charlotte who uses a journal to help her cope with her depression.  Character driven by Charlotte who knows time is running out. However she fears rejection so she doesn’t act on her feelings.  With little action but with strong characters and Good Advice (re the movie scene of a mom and her estranged dying son) she finally learns that it is never too late to reach out to loved ones.  Fans will appreciate this warm second chance at family.


Harriet Klausner


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