All Summer Long-Susan Mallery

All Summer Long

Susan Mallery

Harlequin HQN, Jul 31 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780373776948


His looks enabled him to be a successful underwear model, but Clay Stryker wants to make it due to his intelligence.  Everyone including his family assumes he is shallow except in the underwear region though he has been successful in business.  He returns to Fool’s Gold, California with plans to start a ranch.


Firefighter Chantal “Charlie” Dixon knows her mother the graceful ballerina has always been disappointed in her tomboyish offspring.  She is like everyone else who assumes Clay has no depth outside his underwear.  Thus when Clay volunteers as a firefighter, a surprised Charlie revises her opinion of him.  They are attracted to one another, but he lost a loved one before and fears commitment of his soul; while she was assaulted at college and fears the intimate touch of the heart.


With a tender amusing gender bending look at don’t judge a book by its cover, fans will enjoy this Summer’s Fool’s Gold romance (see Summer Nights and Summer Days).  Besides the shallow first impressions that hurt each of them, the lead couple carry emotional baggage that they must overcome if they are to catch rather than run away from “the bright elusive butterfly of love” (Bob Lind).


Harriet Klausner


One Response to “All Summer Long-Susan Mallery”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I love Fool’s Gold! I love how All Summer Long starts out! Summer Nights is a great book & this is a great book, too!! Charlie is strong. When your only option is to be strong, then you have to be strong. I know what it is like to be strong. My daughter is disabled & has been since she was 2. I have been disabled since I was hurt at work in 2007. I am glad Susan Mallery wrote about a strong woman we can look up to.

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