A Sweethaven Homecoming-Courtney Walsh

A Sweethaven Homecoming

Courtney Walsh

Guideposts, Aug 1 2012, $13.99


ISBN: 9780824931711


The Sweethaven Circle (Suzanne, Jane, Lila and Meghan) were best friends as children who shared a scrapbook/journal starting in eighth grade for several years back in the late 1980s.  Recently Suzanne died while her daughter Campbell learned from the 1987 book what her mom hid from her BFFs when she broke the circle. Campbell contacted the three living members (see A Sweethaven Summer) with the news of Suzanne’s death.


Mourning for the loss of their childhood friend Jane, Lila and Meghan return to Sweethaven, Michigan to complete their personal scrapbooks and move on with their grief.  Each has issues to deal with too.  Meghan the singer has cleaned up her act and wants her children back with her.  Jane tries to forgive Meghan for causing her son’s death.  Lila has left her husband.  As each struggles with their problems, Meghan’s twins are kidnapped.


This is a warm sweet sequel that focuses on friendship lost and friendship regained if each moves passed their hurts and fears.  As with the first tale, scrapbooking remains a key element while redemption is the prime theme even for a buried Suzanne.  Although it behooves fans to have read A Sweethaven Summer as this drama builds directly from it, fans will enjoy this engaging contemporary tale.


Harriet Klausner


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