When You Wish Upon a Duke-Isabella Bradford

When You Wish Upon a Duke

Isabella Bradford

Ballantine, Jul 31 2012. $7.99

ISBN 9780345527295


In 1760, the Duke of Marchbourne James “March” FitzCharles decides it is time to meet his betrothed since childbirth Lady Charlotte Wylder.  He wishes for a quiet spouse having watched as a child the war between his parents.  So he is taken aback when he meets his intended while she rescues a cat from a tree.  To his shock he revises what he wants in a wife as he likes the tomboyish Charlotte.


To avoid a scandal caused by a brief interlude, March and Charlotte marry.  However, his passion frightens him as he feels like a chip off the old dysfunctional block.  March pulls away from Charlotte who rejects his fears that he is his sire.  Instead she becomes the independent duchess who insists her March is a caring lover not an unfeeling deviant; now she needs to convince her beloved one seduction at a time.


The first Wylder sisters’ Georgian romance is an engaging tale starring a strong female and a doubting male.  Although the theme has been used frequently in historical novels, fans will enjoy the gender war between Charlotte and March as she sets out to prove he can trust in their love.


Harriet Klausner


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