Stygian’s Honor-Lora Leigh

Stygian’s Honor

Lora Leigh

Berkley, Aug 7 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780425246078


Jonas Wyatt the Lion Breed rescue his soul mate Rachel’s baby daughter Amber from Philip Brandenmore who injected the infant with an unknown elixir.  Though Amber is Devon’s biological child, Jonas considers her his offspring ever since he knew she recognized his voice while she was in the womb.  He vowed to find the antidote to the experimental drug that is killing his baby (see Lion’s Heat).


Jonas believes only locating two women who survived injection by Brandenmore Research with similar toxin is the only hope for his Amber.  With help from the Navajo Nation’s Liza Johnson, Wolf Breed Stygian Black searches for the missing Honor Roberts and Fawn Corrigan who both vanished several years ago.  Stygian starts his search for Honor who was last seen when she was a young teen in Window Rock, Arizona.  However he also senses the Navaho and their agent conceal something important from him, but he remains resolute in finding either of the females while refusing his recognition that Liza is his breed mate until after Amber is saved.


This is an exciting Breed romantic suspense urban fantasy as Jonas sets the tone with his willingness to do anything to save the life of his child but also vows no one involved in those horrific experiments will live if Amber dies.  The thrilling storyline is filled with twists as individuals find themselves yanked in opposite directions by people they care about.  Lora Leigh continues to provide quality thrillers


Harriet Klausner


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