Blackstone’s Bride-Kate Moore

Blackstone’s Bride

Kate Moore

Berkley, Aug 7 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780425250884


In 1825 as he sails home on the HMS Redemption, Lyle Massing, Baron Blackstone, knows poverty awaits him as his family paid the ransom to free him from Greek warlord Vasiladi.  In England, needing money, Lyle agrees to go undercover as a government agent trying to prevent a foreign operative from deploying a deadly mission.  He pretends to be an amoral rake who allegedly had a harem and owns an infamous portrait of his voluptuous mistress.


The women want him, but his first assignment is pretending to be the fiancé to the one female who loathes him heiress Violet Hammersley.  She prefers to ignore the SOB who humiliated and broke her heart a few years ago, but needs his help to find her missing brother, a British agent who vanished as he was delivering a critical report, so she agrees to the fake engagement.  As each realizes they remain in love and begin to close in on the clever enemy, Violet learns Lyle’s secret.


This an entertaining second chance at love late regency espionage romance starring the wealthy banker’s daughter and the scandalous rake.  The gender war is fun to follow as neither trust the other with their back and especially with their heart; yet they have no choice except to team up.  The undercover subplot is exciting and filled with tension partially because the engaged couple distrusts one anther leaving them further likely to suffer a defeat from a diabolical foe.  Fans will enjoy this engaging historical.


Harriet Klausner


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