Two Weeks’ Notice-Rachel Caine

Two Weeks’ Notice

Rachel Caine

Roc, Aug 7 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780451464620


Serving in Iraq as a soldier, Bryn Davis learned she handled corpses without her stomach betraying her so as a civilian she obtains the position of Funeral Director at the Fairview Mortuary where her boss Lincoln Fairview IV and his thug Freddy killed her.  However, Pharmadene security chief Patrick McCallister revives her using the firm’s top secret drug Returne.  To obtain future daily doses of Returne, Bryn acquiesces to work for McCallister (see Working Stiff).


The FBI takes control of Returne while Bryn works at the Davis Funeral Home.  She and Patrick begin seeing each other romantically and in supporting a Returne group to help users adapt.  However, when the chemical zombies including her sister Anne start to vanish, Bryn fears the Feds are behind the activity, but will do anything for her next dose controlled by the FBI to extort favors and to find and rescue Anne.


The second Revivalist urban fantasy is a strong chemical Zombie thriller as the Working Stiff heroine finds her ultimate undying loyalty is to the government; no group manipulates the pharmaceutical “free” market more than the Big Pharma-Fed complex.  Readers will enjoy this action-packed thriller starring two caring protagonists swimming in a sea of Federal and Pharma sharks.


Harriet Klausner


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