A Soul in the Wind (Excerpts from the Book of Life)-Richard Finegold

A Soul in the Wind (Excerpts from the Book of Life)

Richard Finegold

Llumina Press, Oct 3 2011, $12.95


ISBN: 9781595267504


Geriatric Gideon Fruitman reflects back on the so-called good old days.  He was born on the road to the hospital during the blizzard of 46.  His mom in spite of being related to a famous pediatrician failed to turn him in the crib so when the goo settled his head remained flat.  When Gideon turned seven he finally found someone uglier than him when he saw the film the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  In school he stunk at sports but was a haven from his cage in Revere.  The four month snows of winter gave him a respite from his family and demands of enforced socialization (except for Bar Mitzvahs and weddings) as he recalls his family was a constant war zone that finally led to a divorce.  Gideon never did well with females, which was affirmed when his wife filed for divorce while he recovered from surgery.  He enjoyed schooling and became a lawyer who made plenty of money and had plenty of sex, but felt he never achieved nirvana.


A Soul in the Wind is deep look at the life of an early baby boomer as he tells his story of living during the epic technological revolution of the latter half of the twentieth century.  There is little action as the storyline is more a delightful passive musings on what a discerning Gideon believes are his successes and failures while world changes definitions of both.  Readers will enjoy this strong glimpse into how an elderly person perceives his life as he reflects on what he has accomplished and not done while wondering whether future generations will even know his name.


Harriet Klausner


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