The Devil’s Madonna-Sharon Potts

The Devil’s Madonna

Sharon Potts

Oceanview, Sep 4 2012. $25.95

ISBN 9781608090495


In Miami, pregnant artist Kali Miller and her husband Seth dine at his parents’ home when the hospital calls her.  To her dismay, her beloved nonagenarian Austrian grandma Lillian Campbell almost burned down her house. 


Kali questions Lillian about her mom’s death and her grandma’s life in 1930s Austria and Berlin, and the death   However, the response is a shocker as her grandma seems paranoid, psychotically frightened and withdrawn while insisting someone from seven decades ago has found her.  Wondering what is going on, Kali fears she has a stalker though she cannot figure out whom or why.  At the same time she searches for a small painting buried somewhere in Lillian’s house that is the key to the mystery.


This exciting thriller grips the audience with a need to know from the moment we meet grandma and never slows down until the final twisting confrontation that ties 1930s Berlin with present day Miami.  Although over the top of the Austrian Alps, readers will enjoy this aptly titled entertaining chiller.


Harriet Klausner


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