Naked Games-Anne Rainey

Naked Games

Anne Rainey

Kensington Aphrodisia, Jul 31 2012, $14.00

ISBN: 9780758269034


Two months ago Catherine Michaels’ fiftyish parents died in a horrible car crash.   Now family friend Dr. Cabel informs a grieving Catherine that she was adopted.  She and her BFF Mary go through documents until they find a letter from Catherine’s biological mother thanking the Michaels.  Catherine also learns from that note that she has an older sister Gracie Baron in Zanesville, Ohio.


Six weeks and several emails later, a scared Catherine visits Gracie (see So Sensitive).  The latter introduces her visiting sister to her fiancé Wade Harrison and his younger brother Dean who accepts she is a lost sister of Gracie but also thinks Catherine is a con artist, which upsets him because he is attracted to her.  Soon afterward Wade’s twin sister Deanna and her boyfriend Jonas (see Pleasure Bound) arrive.  Dean and Catherine cannot resist their need so begin a boudoir BDSM tryst, but he remains wary about her motive for coming to Ohio,


The sisters’ subplot enhances a strong erotica as Dean and Catherine fall in love, but he still looks for her angle while she has doubts about relationships after feeling her late parents failed to tell her the truth.  Fast-paced, fans will relish returning to Zanesville, Ohio, the BDSM capital of the world. 


Harriet Klausner


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