The Treachery of Beautiful Things-Ruth Long

The Treachery of Beautiful Things

Ruth Long

Dial, Aug 16 2012, $17.99

ISBN: 9780803735804


Siblings Jenny and Tom were walking past some small trees at the edge of woods while he played his flute.  She is horrified when the trees grab Tom.  Over the next seven years her family takes Jenny to see psychiatrist though the nightmares never abate.


Now seventeen and filled with survivor guilt as well as knowing the trees abducted her brother, Jenny finally returns to the scene of the kidnapping where she hears Tom’s flute playing.  Following the tune, Jenny bravely enters the Realm of the diverse fae.  Frightened but intrepid Jenny stumbles on her quest to bring home Tom.  When she meets Jack a broken Fae who warns her to keep her distance, she cannot as she knows Jack would never harm her.  Jack and Jenny team up to rescue Tom in a Realm in which betrayal is the norm.


This is an engaging tweener-young teen quest fantasy starring a wonderful courageous but scared heroine and the Fae who has her back (maybe as this Realm is known for The Treachery of Beautiful Things).  Written as a series of superb short adventures with Jenny jumping from one fire to another against ruthless enemies, readers will enjoy this entertaining thriller though it never quite feels like a long novel.


Harriet Klausner




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