Tallie’s Hero-Sara Luck

Tallie’s Hero

Sara Luck

Pocket, Aug 28 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781451673869


In 1878 in the Texas Panhandle, Jeb Tuhill plans to ask Katarina Falcon de la Garza to marry him.  When he goes to ask her he finds her with his brother Jonas.  Jeb leaves for Wyoming where British entrepreneur Moreton Frewen seeks investors and experts for his cattle ranch that has no cattle.


Heartbroken and disliking the coddling of investors, Jeb meets novelist Tallie Somerset, a divorcee who fled scandals in London.  Her friend John Astor tells her to follow Horace Greeley’s advice so she goes west to Wyoming.  There she pretends to be married while attracted to Jeb.  He feels fickle for falling in love with the Englishwoman but refuses to court a married woman though he is shocked when Tallie’s Hero of her newest novel is him.


Sara Luck’s latest western romance (see Susanna’s Choice) is a superb Americana starring a fascinating lead couple in several locales but one vivid setting.  The story line centers on Reconstruction ending as capitalist barons emerge.  Although the reason for the heroine to hide her marital status seems senseless (at least to my twenty-first sensitivities); historical fans will enjoy the romance between the rancher and the writer.


Harriet Klausner


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