Endgame-Ann Aguirre


Ann Aguirre

Ace, Aug 28 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781937007744


Sirantha Jax looks forward to traversing grimspace, but leaping through time will have to wait for the moment.  Having pledged to help Loras, Jax feels obligated to assist him as he tries to liberate his race, the La’hengrin, from biological slavery that limits their ability to fight back against their alien conquerors the Nicuans.  Carvati’s Cure would enable the La’hengrin to fight for their freedom.


On La’heng, Jax joins the guerilla resistance to free Loras’ people though she knows her side faces seemingly insurmountable odds but though she looks forward to jumping the star roads of grimspace, she risks her life to help free an enslaved race.  Six months later, the war continues with no Endgame in sight as many from both sides die with the stubborn Nicuans refusing to give up their control of the La’hengrin or the world they conquered. 


The Endgame Sirantha Jax science fiction (see Aftermath and Doubleblind) is a great finish to a strong outer space saga.  Fast-paced and filled with action, Ann Aguirre makes it clear that war is vicious, bloody and gory as everyone including the ethical heroine (and readers) feels they entered hell. 


Harriet Klausner


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