A Sunless Sea-Anne Perry

A Sunless Sea

Anne Perry

Ballantine, Aug 28 2012, $26.00

ISBN: 9780345510648


In 1864, Thames River Police commander superintendent William Monk and Detective Orme are rowing the river when they hear a woman scream.  They head to the source on Limehouse Pier. A hysterical female shows them the mutilated body of Zenia Gadney.  


Monk learns that a scientist Dr. Joel Lambourn visited the victim once a month until he committed suicide two months ago following the government denying his demand for opium product regulation including valid labeling.  Monk and his team look closely at Dr. Lambourn’s supporting research data that documented the numerous deaths related to the opium trade and the affluent families who have made a fortune on the commodity.


The latest Monk Victorian police procedural (see Acceptable Loss, Execution Dock and Death of a Stranger) is a fabulous timely historical as the “get money out of politics” constitutional amendment was an issue in 1864 London as the capitalists buy the politicians who pressure Monk to cease.  Filled with action, readers will relish this strong entry that focuses on a major schism over the opium commodity exchange in which the Golden Rule applies that those who own the gold make the rule regardless of its impact.


Harriet Klausner


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